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very nice artwork , dear Julia , I like it !!! kind regards from Normandy !

Philippe Bernard DELANNOY

Hi Julia, I am not sure if you remember me, but I am Callie Brewer, from the state of Louisiana, and I believe we were pen pals when we were little. I came across your letters and paintings that you had sent me and my sister was looking at them as well and was thinking that if you were that talented at such a young age, you had to have grown up to be an artist. So she googled you and found that you had a website. We are interested in several paintings of yours, and we are wondering what the prices are for: "Cafe in Nice", "Evening cafe in Paris", and "Night city". Your paintings are beautiful, and I was excited that my sister found you! Hopefully, you remember me :) My e-mail is, I tried to e-mail you at the e-mail listed for you on your website, but the e-mail I sent was delivered back, saying "deliver failure".

Callie Brewer

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