About the Author

Художник Самары — Юлия Кузнецова

The basic genres I work in are a still-life, a landscape and city landscape, anecdotal compositions. In my works I try to use variety of plots, plasticity of pictorial dab, wide ranges of tints.

My works are in private collections of cities of Russia and abroad - France, Germany, the USA, the republic of South Africa.

1995 - graduated from Architectural-building academy and evening art school №1 in Samara (the teacher - Svechnikova V. A)

Since 1996 - took part in city and regional exhibitions

2001 - 2002 - the participant of exhibitions in Moscow C.H.A. (Central House of Artists)

2003 - the personal exhibition «Dedication to spring», Samara

2005 - the personal exhibition «Beauty embodied», Samara.

2006 - participation in an exhibition in gallery of Asheville (USA)

2006 - Participation in an exhibition of "155 years of Samara province»

2007 - participation in an exhibition «Gold palette», Saratov

2007 - the personal exhibition «Color moments», Samara

2008 - participation in an exhibition «Youth of Russia», Saratov

2003 - 2013 - participation in the numerous exhibitions held in the show-complex "Expo-Volga"

Since 09.06.2009 - A member of Artists Trade Union of Russia and International Artists Federation.


2010 – Taking part in Moscow Artists Union exhibition devoted to “The day of Europe”, which was held in the apartments of the EU ambassador.

2011 – Taking part in the exhibition of the artists from Moscow in Sofiya.

2012 – A member of Artists Trade Union of Russia.